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Our Company

OVERSPEC’D INC. is a manufacturer and trader, for wholesale and/or retail, of automotive accessories and tools. Despite its fairly recent incorporation in February 2021, the company has its roots firmly planted in the automotive industry and its sights set on becoming one of the premier manufacturers for automotive accessories and tools in the country.

Through extensive research and development, as well as the use of modern techniques and manufacturing methodologies, Overspec’d prides itself in being able to provide world-class quality products that are both cost-effective and of optimum quality for all of the company’s clients without compromising durability or dependability.


We are Overspec’d

Our flagship and most popular product to date.  The Stainless Steel Automotive Plate Protector (APP) are precision cut to the size necessary to fit all current and previously issued LTO registration plates.  These frames are available in a variety of colors and finishes, with laser etching of serial number, branding and the Philippine Archipelago.

The resulting product is a strong and non-obstructive plate frame that ensures the longevity of your vehicles registration plate by protecting it from abuse whether it be cause by nature or catching on the clothes while parked or at the car wash.